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Collimators and Focusers

Product Description: 

Precision Micro-Optics provides a portfolio of fiber collimators and focusers featuring low coupling loss, low back reflection, wide wavelength and beam diameter ranges, and epoxy free for high power handling. These parts are ideal for fiber optical devices, surface detection, as well as other telecommunication and biomedical applications.

For collimators, a rough collimated beam diameter is given by:

                                            Beam Diameter (mm) = 2 x f(mm) x NA

Where f is the lens focal length and NA is the fiber numerical aperture (NA). The beam size here is defined as 1/e2.

For focusers, Measures are taken to reduce the beam spot to the scale of diffraction limit and the wavefront distortion.



Product Features:

  • Epoxy-free in optical path for high power application
  • High return loss
  • Low coupling loss
  • High polarization extinction ratio
  • Wide wavelength range
  • Wide beam diameter range
  • Custom dimensions and requirements are welcomed

Specifications :  

  Wavelength Range
780 ~ 2000nm
  Return Loss
55dB Typical
  Polarization Extinction Ratio (PM version)
25dB Typical
  Coupling Loss (Collimator)
0.3dB Typical
  Beam Size (Collimator)
150um ~ 10mm
  Focal beam Spot(Focuser)
  Typical 5 um
  Operating Temperature
  -5 ~ 70 ºC


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