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Lasers and Photodiodes

Precision micro-optics offers a series laser diodes, light source system, InGaAs PIN photodiodes and Fiber Coupled InGaAs Photodiodes.

The laser diodes are designed for diode pumped solid state lasers, diode based medical systems, equipments as well as many others. All diodes offer high efficiency, high reliability and long life time, and are assembled into a hermetically sealed package.

The InGaAs PIN photodiodes are designed for optical network monitoring applications and assembled into a hermetically sealed package with an antireflective-coated lens or window. These photodiodes deliver high detectivity, exhibit low dark current, low noise and high bandwidth, and cover a spectral response range of 1um to 1.65um.

  Laser Diodes
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Fiber Coupled Photodiodes  
  Receptacle PIN Photodiodes

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