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Colored Optical Filter Glass

Colored optical filter glasses have specific spectral transmittance characteristics within the range of the optical spectrum. They either uniformly or selectively attenuate optical radiation in specific spectral regions. The glasses can be classified into three categories based on their spectral transmission curves.

Cut-off Type Glass

The glass is named based on spectral characteristic of which is represented by the wavelength transmission limit. For example if the transmission limit of glass is 490nm, then it is named as JB490. There are five groups and 35 types of glasses.

Glass Name
Ultraviolet Glass ZJB220,  ZJB240,  ZJB260,  ZJB280,  ZJB300,  ZJB320, ZJB340,  ZJB360,  ZJB380
Golden (Yellow) Glass JB400, JB420, JB450, JB470, JB490, JB510
Orange Glass CB535, CB550, CB565, CB580
Red Glass HB600, HB610, HB630, HB640, HB650, HB670, HB685, HB700, HB720
Infrared Glass HWB760, HWB780, HWB800, HWB830, HWB850, HWB900, HWB930

Selective Absorption Glass

This kind of glass only transmits or absorbs light within the range of one (or several) wavelength(s). There are nine groups

Glass Name
Ultraviolet Glass ZWB1,  ZWB2,  ZWB3
Violet Glass ZB1, ZB2, ZB3
Blue Glass QB1, QB2, QB3, QB4, QB5, QB9, QB10, QB11, QB12, QB13, QB16, QB17, QB18, QB19, QB21, QB23, QB24, QB26, QB29
Green Glass LB1, LB2, LB3, LB4, LB6, LB7, LB8, LB9, LB10, LB11, LB12, LB13, LB14, LB15, LB16, LB17, LB18, LB19
Golden(Yellow) Glass JB1, JB9
Orange Glass CB1, CB2
Red Glass HB1, HB3, HB5, HB6
Infrared Glass HWB1, HWB3, HWB4
Heating-absorbing Glass GRB1, GRB3

Neutral Type Glass

It absorbs uniformly without selecting the light of different wavelength of visible spectrum.

Glass Name
Neutral Type Glass ZAB00,  ZAB02,  ZAB2, ZAB5, ZAB10, ZAB25, ZAB30, ZAB50, ZAB65, ZAB70

Antiradiation Coverglass Used in Space

Antiradiation Coverglass is a kind of protective sheet used in space of visible spectrum.

Glass Name
Antiradiation Coverglass KFB


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